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How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen for You

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They do say the kitchen is the hub of the home. That is certainly true in my case.

So when it comes to designing your perfect kitchen, what really do we need to consider?

Let me guide you through some options that will help you create your perfect kitchen. We created this checklist with the help of a professional offering kitchen installation near me:


The main purpose of the kitchen may be fairly clear, food preparation. However a kitchen is often so much more than that.

It is up to you to determine your true needs and wants in order to design the kitchen you desire.

Is this to be used as an entertaining space also?

Do you wish to have an eating area also, such as a breakfast bar?

My first home consisted of a kitchen which was incredibly practical as a kitchen, but not so much as a space to eat or socialise.

So consider what is important to you.



How many people are likely to be using the space? A single person needs a lot less space than a family of four say.

There’s nothing worse than stepping on each other’s toes in a small and confined space.

What kind of meals you make and activities you undertake may well determine how much counter space you require.

For example do you enjoy baking or meal preparation?

It is worth considering these things before opting for a new kitchen.



Generally speaking the kitchen is an area where we typically store a lot of food and accessories.

For example I keep a blender in my kitchen, as well as a slow cooker and steamer. I don’t use these daily therefore do not require them to be on show at all times. This is when kitchen storage is essential.

Does your future kitchen have enough for all of your items? This applies to both storage in drawers and cupboards.

Think about it logically to understand what you may need. This may even include a wine chiller for those special nights, like weekdays J



Especially important when it comes to designing a new kitchen. Consider the layout for both practicality and also space. Which appliances would you like in the kitchen?

Does this include a dishwasher, fridge and freezer etc.

Consider if there is space to accommodate all of these items without compromising on the design.



The colour scheme of your kitchen is essential to know, before you can go ahead and purchase other touches and make other choices.

This will possibly be dependent on what it is you want the purpose of your space to be. A focus on hygiene may go for a clean white look. Whereas an intimate entertaining space may use blacks or greys.

Looking around kitchen showrooms can really help you to gain inspiration and ideas.



Once you know your colour scheme this can help you to pick the design, finish and colour of the cabinets you like.

Just remember that they are often able to be adapted with various handles to add a unique and bespoke look to your kitchen.



Once again you have a huge selection here.

Consider the look you want to go for, as well as the quality.

You can get some pretty designs in cheaper materials. However if you wanted to go for a granite or hardwood worktop then you are likely to have to pay more for the privilege.

Although this can add value to your home in the future, as well as satisfaction now.



Once again this is very much down to preference. Would you like a low cost and practical laminate flooring?

Or a durable and beautiful looking hardwood flooring.

There are dozens of choices of each and also hundreds of options in between.

There really is something to suit all budgets and colour schemes.



Surprisingly this is something overlooked often. Consider if you would prefer spotlights, low energy LEDs or perhaps mood lighting in the space.

This can really help to enhance certain features of the room so do take it into consideration. Especially when you take into account that you make wish to pick a gloss or a matte finish to your room.



Whether this is as a splash back or as a backing to the worktops. The choice of tile can really add something to your kitchen design.

It really does depend on the look you are going for. Do you want a crisp and clean look? Or how about something more comforting or traditional?

Take a look at samples available to help you decide. There are literally hundreds of choices of styles and designs available.



The choice of sink once again relates to what you would like to use your kitchen for. Is one sink enough?

Do you require an separate area of water to prepare food?

Consider the size, material and also design of the sink you would like.

This also interlinks to the type of tap you wish to use. Would you like a boiling water tap? Or are traditional taps adequate for your need?



As the main purpose of a kitchen is to cook and prepare food. This should be a fundamental consideration.

Style is all important as well as practicality.

Would you like a traditional looking oven or a modern design?

How big an oven do you need?

Think about this during the layout consideration process. We do not feel that the cooker in the oven should be compromised if at all possible.



Last but not least the budget is all important. It is all well and good having ideas of extravagant designs and expensive appliances. But if we cannot afford them we are simply teasing ourselves.

Why not visit some showrooms to get an idea of what it is that you can afford and how far your budget will stretch.

Although we think a beautiful kitchen can add both character and value to a home. We don’t feel like it is something you should get into crippling debt to achieve. So make sure you live within your means.


I really hope this has given you food for thought and extra considerations when it comes to your next kitchen. If you need some more advice, or information about sourcing local products. Then try searching for recommended kitchen installation near me to help you find the right professional to support you.

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